ABAP/4 For Begginers

ABAP is the programming language for the enterprise software SAP R/3 & SAP Netweaver of SAP A.G., which is used for writing commercial applications. In its basic structure, it is similar to Cobol, an old programming language.

Meaning of ABAP/4

In the origin of SAP A.G. and its application software, ABAP meant "Allgemeiner Berichts-Anwendungs-Prozessor" (german for General Processor for Reports and Applications). This was based in the principle that in a beggining it was only possible to program very specific evaluations from client (reports, in few words) but no change in the data base was possible.

With the development of the technology and after years, it means now "Advanced Business Application Programming". And it is a 4th generation programming lenguaje.

The content of this course is as follows:

  1. ABAP Editor and its Characteristics
  2. Configuration of the ABAP Editor
  3. Debugger and Watchpoints
  4. Attributes and Programme Types
  5. Your First ABAP Programme
  6. Documentation and Comments
  7. Creation of a Selection Screen
  8. Instruction Select
  9. Titles for the Report and Column Headers
  10. Events in Reports (Part 1)
  11. Data Objects and Data Types
  12. Instruction AT When Processing Lists
  13. Subroutines
  14. Local Data and General Data
  15. Events OVR and OHR on the Screen
  16. Functions and Calling Functions
  17. Numeric, Mathematic, and Time Operations
  18. Conditions and Logical Expressions
  19. Loops
  20. Actions Over the List
  21. Hotspots and At-Line-Selection
  22. Messages
  23. Programmes of Type Include
  24. Advanced Use of Select
This course can be done in 1 week in full-time, in several weekends or in several work days taking 2-4 hours per day, depending on availability and negotiations.